I believe in creating lifestyle businesses that truly enable you to be happy, wealthy and free.

Lets discover a bit more about moredemand and how you can benefit.

(P.s. That’s me, Lawrence Howlett, Founder of moredemand, enjoying the benefits of my lifestyle business while on holiday in Miami South Beach).

Getting started with More Demand

The online resource for entrepreneurs who want to own successful lifestyle businesses

First of all, let me say this. I TRULY believe in YOUR ability to achieve YOUR goals.

I know that anyone, including you, can plan, implement and optimise any of the marketing systems I’ve used to generate over £40,000/month in revenue for the last 3 years. 

Our mission at More Demand is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs, just like you, to create a lifestyle business, achieve financial freedom, become location independent, break free from the 9-5 and lead a happy, stress free and adventure packed life.

How are we going to this? By teaching and equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to replicate proven successful marketing systems, that enable you to generate high value, long term clients for your service business.

Who do we serve? Entrepreneurs who own service businesses that are feeling stressed out by not achieving their goals, want more time to themselves and the financial freedom to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Sounds like you? Cool! Then read on…

Definition of More Demand

Moredemand is a systematic approach to leveraging the power of online marketing to attract, capture, convert and delight high value, long term clients that love your services. We’ll focus on scalable revenue systems that exchange money for value, enabling you to earn beyond the 9-5 and reducing the time burden of your business by following an essentialism framework.

In essence: Work smarter on the things that matter, enabling you to lead a healthy, wealthy and meaningful life that you can be proud of.

Truths of online marketing

Just like on a first date, I want to set some realistic expectations of what's going to happen before you get to second base.

You’re going to need to put effort in upfront

work hardDigital marketing takes a lot of hard work and effort, initially to understand the principals and then to implement and improve your campaigns based on data drive decisions. We’ll of course guide you through the online marketing landscape and take you step by step, but that’s where you need to step up and put the work upfront to create the systems that will benefit you 10x later on.

You’re going to have to spend some money

moneyAt the very least you’ll need a website, hosting and some advertising money. For those of you who are established already you’ll be looking to invest in marketing automation, CRMs, email marketing and scaling your lead generation ads. This all costs money. But don’t get scared, we’ll teach you how to make data driven marketing decisions to invest the smart way.

You’ll feel like giving up when nothing happens

don't give upI guarantee that the first campaign you run won’t be a raging success. I invested £2000 on a Facebook Ad campaign that failed! Success simply doesn’t happen like that. BUT what I do guarantee is it won’t be a waste of time or money, because you’ll be learning valuable lessons about what doesn’t work for your specific niche. Failure is just a prerequisite of success. We’ll show you how to avoid the major pitfalls and learn from those failures to build a positive, successful and long lasting campaign.

Being successful is extremely rewarding

smugJust like getting to second base, having a successful online marketing campaign is seriously rewarding, and it’s not just about the money, it will build your confidence that this stuff actually works and you’ll feel proud enough to share your experience with others, plus know the work you put in, is going to 10x your efforts long term.

3 Essentials of More Demand

The best way to get started

[1] FREE Digital Marketing Workshop

I hosted a digital marketing workshop with Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, one of the world’s fastest growing software companies. It’s a must listen if you’re just getting started in online marketing.

rand fishkin of moz.com

FREE DOWNLOAD: Rand Fishkin’s Digital Marketing Workbook

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe to the More Demand podcast on iTunes to catch up on previous episodes and get the latest episodes as they come out.

[2] Jump start your digital marketing

jump start courseHaving a foundation of knowledge is critical to success. That’s why I created the Jump Start Your Digital Marketing course – a step by step strategy and tactical walkthrough to attract, capture and convert high quality sales lead with digital marketing. I’ve put 10 years of learning, trying, failing and success into Jump Start so you can quickly and easily implement the stuff that works.

It’s been a pleasure to have over 3500 students graduate from the course and I’d be delighted to welcome you onto Jump Start,


[3] A list building system

list buildingEmail list building is an essential element of generating more demand. It allows you to directly connect with prospects and get into their inbox with your messages. People way over complicate list building, and in this short course I will teach you exactly how we generated our first 1000 subscribers.

I’ve included everything you need to get started:

By the end of this course you’ll be on the road to increasing your subscriber count, connecting with more people who care about your products and services and be seen as an authority in your niche.

Sound exciting?

Enrolment Opening July 2016!

Thank you

I appreciate your stopping by today and I honestly value the time you’ve spent with me.

I’m excited for you to get started with digital marketing and build a more successful business. Honestly myself and my team are here for you. We try to answer every single email that you guys send.

We also love to hear your stories of success or failure. So if you’ve got a story to tell about your own entrepreneurial journey then email us.

We want to be successful as much as you do, and to do that we’ll be investing all our skills in YOUR success.

Let’s do this together.


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I always give reasons to take action, and here are the BIG 3 benefits of being part of the community:

BIG Reason Number 1: We only share marketing advice that we’ve tried and is known to work, or we’ve tried and it’s failed – so you can focus on the stuff that works.

BIG Reason Number 2: You’ll save hours of time digging through 100s of blogs and cringeworthy YouTube videos, as we curate only the best online marketing content in our weekly digest.

BIG Reason Number 3: We’re a pretty decent punch and we’ll have good fun along the way, plus you’ll get invited to exclusive community only events and meet ups.

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