The fact is, competitors are stealing clients from you every single day

Its our job to put a stop to that and make sure you're front of mind

Without a doubt there is client demand for your services, that you’re missing out on because:

  • You don’t have visibility in search, paid and social
  • You offer isn’t compelling enough to make people want or desire it
  • There’s no reason for potential clients to act right now
  • And there is no systematic follow up process that converts prospects to paying clients

But that’s not the end of the problem… it actually gets worse.

If you don’t solve these problems, you’ll be stuck where you are right now, with competitors continuing to take clients away from you, and you’ll end up simply funding their growth by not being aggressive enough in the battle.

If you want to sustainably grow your business then you have to create marketing systems and processes that scale.

That’s where we come in, introducing the More Demand LeadMatrix™, a data drive lead generation machine that delivers scalable, profiled and targeted leads for services businesses, who want to generate 10 to 1000+ leads per day.

More Demand LeadMatrix™ will:

  • Help you to generate a consistent flow of high quality, profiled leads
  • Give you peace of mind that your lead generation is taken care of
  • Give you the ability to predictably scale your business and reach your revenue goals
  • Plus remove the fear of spending on marketing without a return by setting clear Cost Per Lead (CPL) budgets.

Will Writing Company: 150 Leads Per Day, Delivered.

We currently deliver 150 leads per day to a Will Writing company, with a profile of 50+ Homeowners in England & Wales that are seeking to write their Will.

We’ve taken them from spending circa £44/lead on Adwords, to £30/lead, with a better customer demographic for their needs. The compound impact of our demographic profiling throughout the sales process meant the More Demand LeadMatrix has delivered sustainable revenue gains, with record sales days just weeks after implementation.

Whats included in the More Demand LeadMatrix™ service?

If you want to buy 10 – 1000+ leads per day, then let me walk you through, exactly, what you get with the More Demand Lead LeadMatrix service:

  • A tailor made lead generation strategy, so that we know exactly who to target, what to offer them and how to convert them into a paying client.
  • Expertly created and optimised Paid and Display Ads
  • Landing pages for the offers we created, which gather lead data
  • Retargeting campaigns to squeeze additional
  • An automated follow up sequence with all the content written for you

I have a question for you…

Would you like us to create a strategy, that maps out the exact system we used to generate over 150 leads per day?

Start by completing your application for More Demand Lead LeadMatrix™ by booking a discovery call – we’ll cut the small talk and dive right into hard facts and figures about your business and growth aspirations.

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How do you generate consistent leads?

We start out by getting to know your clients really well and crafting an offer that resonates with their pain, challenge or desire. We’ll then build out landing pages to present that offer and turn on paid traffic sources while increasing your organic search engine rankings over time. In the background there is an automated follow up sequence that builds up your contact database and highlights prospects that are ready to go.

To get the a complete blueprint of your very own lead generation system, jump onto a lead generation blueprint session with us. Apply for a blueprint session.

How much effort will I need to put in?

We’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you, but you’ll definitely need to put some work in too. Which includes answering questions, providing us with digital assets (logos, branding, imagery, etc) and feeding back to us on the quality of leads and how the sales are progressing. To start with we’ll have a weekly call, which will move to a monthly campaign review once we’re hitting the desired goals.

Will this work for me?

We’ve used the More Demand Lead Generation System on multiple businesses. In fact we’ve dialed in on exactly who this will work for and we’ve created a page “Is This For You?” that’ll let you know if we’re a good match.

Can you guarantee you’ll generate leads?

Honestly, No. As with any marketing campaign, it’s an investment and all investments carry some degree of risk. There’s no point trying to hide the fact. However, we’re incredibly confident in the More Demand Lead Generation System and have the proven stats and testimonials to back up what we say works, really does work. We all want the campaign to be an amazing success, because let’s face it, you’ll be telling everyone about it, which is good for us.

What do Facebook Ads and Google Adwords cost?

That depends on the market, the competition and how competitive the bids are for the keywords and interests we are targeting. To be honest it doesn’t really matter what they cost, as long as we’re at least breaking even and scaling the system to double your ad spend in profit.

Typically, expect to pay between £5 – £10 per lead and £50 – 150 per scheduled call.

What’s included in the lead generation campaign?

Once you’ve signed up with More Demand, we’ll start building out the lead generation campaign for you, in the first instance that means roadmapping a successful campaign, creating an offer and building out the functional parts like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Landing Pages, Search Engine Optimisation and writing email content.

We’ll need your help to gather digital assets like customer avatar, logos, branded images, video promos, taglines, past marketing documents, pitch documents, etc. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any of that, we’ll work with you to put it all together.

We’ll be in close communication throughout, with weekly updates to begin with until we hit the campaign goals, then we’ll move to monthly reporting.

How soon will I see results?

Within the first 30 days. Once you’re onboard, we’ll start an intensive process of building out the campaign and launching it within the first 30 days, sometimes even sooner. We’ll then switch on the traffic sources and you’ll instantly start to see results and generate leads within just a few days. We’ll then continue to optimise and improve the campaign to increase the number of leads with the same ad spend.

How do I get started?

The quickest and easiest way to get started with us is to book a Lead Generation Blueprint session and because these sessions reveal our proven systems we don’t just give them out to everyone, so you’ll need to apply for a blueprint session.

We’re excited to start generating leads for you and see you reach your revenue goals.