MDP30: Marketing a new business – with Tom Hunt

MDP30: Marketing a new business – with Tom Hunt

We catch up with entrepreneur Tom Hunt, who’s appeared on Dragon’s Den with his ‘mens leggings’ idea and now in the processing of launching his next venture a virtual assistant hub for likeminded entrepreneurs who need to virtualise their work environment and keep focused on the stuff that matters

We’ve diversified a little this week (and last) to try and share with you the challenges that business owners face, their struggles, their tactics, their finances and how to get over those marketing speedbumps. Not only do we go step by step through Tom’s latest business plan, but we talk about some of the ways to minimise your costs and how to reach out to those all important influencers. Back to the geeky stuff next week, for now relish this opportunity to get into the entrepreneur mindset and compare your strategy – what would you do differently? – what ideas can you take away from someone else’s strengths and failures?

In this episode you will learn:

  • The wins and failures of entrepreneurship
  • How a silly idea can become an inspiration
  • How marketing plans change
  • How to minimise your marketing efforts with great software apps
  • The secret to getting influencers behind you

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  • Tom

    BIG interview.

    Thank for having me on, really enjoyed the chat 🙂

    If anyone has any questions, just drop them in here and I will respond!