MDP 11: Interview with Lee Odden

search engine optimisation for small businesses
MDP 11: Interview with Lee Odden

Hello and welcome to the MoreDemand Podcast Episode 11 with our special guest today, none other than Lee Odden. We’re gonna talk today with Lee about The Process of Search Engine Optimisation and how to go through that process step-by-step. Well, Lee is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, the author of “Optimize” and the creator and editor-in-chief of Online Marketing Blog. With over 17 years in online marketing and over 10 years in blogging, Lee has consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies and presented at conferences all over the world on integrated marketing and PR. While he has been cited for his expertise by the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Forbes magazine, his kids keep him grounded and focused on what’s most important, which today is The Process of Search Engine Optimisation.

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We’re gonna step through each part of that process from planning, implementation and how to scale that. We’re also gonna dive into a bit of influencer marketing and go through everything from keyword research, content planning, creation and curation, content optimisation and social network development, even touching on link-building and reporting as well.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How to use choose keywords that suit your business
  • Using Google webmaster tools to look at top queries
  • Creating an influencer network
  • Brandividuals vs Niche Influencers
  • The importance of breaking down content into topics
  • Creating a good reputation
  • The future of mobile

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FREE DOWNLOAD: SEO Process Flowchart


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