What is MoreDemand?

TL:DR: We help entrepreneurs build lifestyle service business

More Demand is a resource founded by Lawrence Howlett, to help you create a lifestyle business with financial and location freedom, allows you to break away from the 9-5, make you feel happy and let’s you wake up feeling excited by the day ahead.

“Since the age of 21, I’ve lived an incredible lifestyle, travelling the world, racing motorcars, having any time off I want and I’ve paid for it all through my service businesses, now I want to enable you to achieve the same. No BS. No get rich quick. Just honest, dependable advice that you can implement yourself to attract, capture and convert long term, high value clients.” ~Lawrence

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Where is the next sales lead coming from?
  • How can I scale my lead generation campaign?
  • How can I find the time to work on my business
    instead of in my business?
  • How the hell do these Facebook Ads work?
  • I know I should be doing content marketing… but how
    do I even get started?
  • Why don’t I have time to… do anything?


Have you ever felt:

  • Frustrated by not getting results from your marketing or SEO agency?
  • So overwhelmed by what you could be doing, that you end up doing nothing?
  • Worried at night because you need to make sales to hit payroll?
  • Like your minds vision is just foggy and you don’t know how to get started?

Then you’re in the right place…


We help entrepreneurs like you

To rapidly grow your business with teachable, replicable and proven marketing systems...

Create & launch lead generation websites

That take the guess work out of this digital marketing stuff.

Consistently generate high value & targeted leads

Using proven marketing systems that I’ve used to generate £millions in revenue.

Scale to £40k / Month Revenue & Beyond

Just like I did, we’ll go through every thing in step by step detail.

Who is Lawrence Howlett?

And how does he know about online marketing?

I have 11 years experience in running a very successful digital agency, while living an incredible lifestyle, I’ve worked with clients like Tesco, Days Inn and Wembley Stadium, while consistently generating £40,000/month in revenue with a spend of only £500/month or less on Adwords!

I graduated from university with a degree in business entrepreneurship and went straight into running the agency, which like many businesses, started in my spare bedroom.

You’ll know how quickly you have to learn to stand on your own two feet when starting a business, trying to generate leads, do the accounting, meeting clients, building your own website, emails, network meetings… the list goes on!

This could have been the most stressful period of my life, but I loved it. The buzz of starting a business, the power of controlling my own destiny, the opportunity to scale – what an incredible feeling. I know you’ve got that feeling too.

I soon learned that winning new business isn’t easy, in fact it’s bloody hard. At this point I knew I had to learn everything about how to attract, capture and convert clients. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of different methods, strategies and tactics. Now I want to share all of that with so you can learn from my mistakes and focus on what really does work.


Lawrence Howlett

My goal for developing this site, is to help 1000 entrepreneurs to build a lifestyle business that offers financial freedom, location independence and breaks them free from the 9-5. What’s in it for me? To be the proud owner of an top internet resource for entrepreneurs who deserve the rewards of success.

Real results for real people

Proof is in the pudding, right?

“We’ve seen a 5488% increase in page views and a 23.06% uplift in goal conversions compared to last year – what a result! The Kickstarter program made complex marketing into simple common sense that’s ROI focused.”

Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon / ACS365

“After working with the More Demand team for about 6 weeks we started to see incredible growth, resulting in me taking on 2 more personal trainers and having a completely full diary for my own PT clients!”

JDP Fitness
Jason Patmore / JDPFitness.com

Our House Guidelines

  • Be the person to take action and try new things
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Always invest in your team and their skills
  • Embrace new technologies
  • Make time to work ON your business
  • Work hard, but make sure it’s smart work
  • Celebrate even the smallest wins
  • Enjoy what you do or change
  • Remember basic age old principals
  • Document everything that works and doesn't work

Meet The Crew

They're a loveable bunch!

Podcast Editor
Digital Marketer
Digital Marketer
Lee Jackson
Wordpress Genius

Join 2000+ members in the More Demand Community

Let's figure out this marketing stuff, together.

I always give reasons to take action, and here are the BIG 3 benefits of being part of the community:

BIG Reason Number 1: We only share marketing advice that we’ve tried and is known to work, or we’ve tried and it’s failed – so you can focus on the stuff that works.

BIG Reason Number 2: You’ll save hours of time digging through 100s of blogs and cringeworthy YouTube videos, as we curate only the best online marketing content in our weekly digest.

BIG Reason Number 3: We’re a pretty decent punch and we’ll have good fun along the way, plus you’ll get invited to exclusive community only events and meet ups.

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